The Current Mood



The homeware and interiors shop in South Kensington is an Aladdin’s cave of colourful glass, shell lamps, jewellery, Victorian furniture, jewel bright throws and cushions fashioned from French tea-towels. Owner India Whalley spends her days rummaging for vintage treasures in flea markets or collaborating with artists to design bespoke pieces. The shop and website are a gifting dream.

Her mission is to support artists and champion sustainability. “A lot of our homeware is made by artists. They don’t work quickly and we don’t rush them,” she explains. “We are also passionate about finding and recycling vintage pieces. I love that they’ve been owned by someone else, it gives them a unique story.”


Palm of Feronia are a small-batch, natural, self-care brand focused on the ancient principles of aromatherapy and crystal healing. The name is inspired by ancient Roman goddess associated with wildlife, fertility, health, healing and abundance.

Founded by Sophia Harding, Palm of Feronia was brought together through a passion for clean, organic and earth-derived ingredients with a proven history of positive effects for not only the skin, but emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Plus, the packaging is absolutely beautiful.



Fruity are a sustainable, London based lingerie brand that only produce small runs of their collections with surplus or sustainably sourced fabrics. Underwear is a difficult space for vintage to reign supreme, so Fruity Booty feel they are the next best alternative in the environmental stakes.

But the pieces are anything but second best, with silky florals, lace and bright orange checks. Any friend would love a gift of a Fruity Booty gift card, to reinvigorate their draw full of M&S undies.


Abid Javed is a ceramic artist, creating collectible ‘molecular objects’, using clay. With a background in Molecular Biology, the collections bring in the unseen world to the forefront. All objects are hand-built, encompassing pinch, coil, and slab methods; the result is beautiful curved pieces that would bring texture to any room. Working in a range of clay, each piece is carefully crafted through a labour of love; what better gift for Christmas!


Tuppence Collective, created by illustrator friends Alicia Perry & Rebecca Intavarant, is the surface design collaboration formed from the duo’s love of vintage patterns and botanicals. They take inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement and brazen maximalist interiors. With this as a platform they combine influences and create designs that are contemporary yet timeless.

Gifting wise, they have the most beautiful wrapping paper and for the increased amount of hosting 2020 has resulted in, their table cloths, napkins and DIY tablescaping kit makes a fabulous host out of anyone.


Founded by Textiles Designer Alice Munteanu, CASA DE FOLKLORE offers a unique range of artisanal products, each with a strong identity and a practical purpose in the home. Every one-of-a-kind piece comes straight to you from the artisan’s workshop.

Sadly, Romanian craftsmanship is slowly dying out, but all is not yet lost. CASA DE FOLKLORE was founded with the desire to protect skills and heritage that have been passed down for generations. Together with the artisans, we are working to keep these traditions alive, ensuring that their stories and art live on.

For such beautiful pieces, they are a steal and make wonderful gifts.