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A Green Mood

Emma Slade Edmondson’s Sustainability Tips


“Something I struggle with is the pressure put on consumers to be perfect when it comes to their eco credentials. This can be overwhelming, it can be hard to believe your efforts are having an impact. The key is to be trying your best, rather than doing nothing at all out of fear of not getting it perfect first time.”


“My advice when it comes to the household, which is where I struggle to marry my ambition with what is feasible, is to take it one room at a time. I started with the bathroom for example – first moving to package free alternatives or locally available refill options for my body wash, facial cleanser, deodorant and conditioner.”


“For me, this means that if you need or want newness in your wardrobe, it’s about using any means of obtaining your clothing that has a circular element to it. By this I mean swapping, renting, sharing with friends, shopping from second hand retailers and charity shops.”


“Make sure you tell your friends about all your switches, waste saves and information sources. Knowledge is power to create the change you want to see.”


Feeling inspired? We let Emma loose in the Onloan wardrobe and here’s what she couldn’t get enough of — complete with some styling tips thrown in for good measure. Scroll on to explore her picks from our most innovative sustainable brands.

House of Dagmar Ski Jumper

This jumper is a bit of fun during a drab month. I like that it’s made from Lambswool which is a sustainable material. It’s rapidly renewable, can be easily recycled and boosted organically. It’s 

a great fibre I always look out for because it’s highly durable, so it will last a really long time.”

Mother of Pearl Checked Midi Dress

“People always tell me sustainable brands are really boring but that’s not true. Case in point this Mother of Pearl dress which couldn’t be more interesting from a texture and colour perspective.” 

Maggie Marylin Camel Bias Cut Midi Skirt

“I’d wear this skirt with multiple layers like a roll neck in a bold shade and then a slightly more oversized knit on top. I would team this neutral colour with blocks of different primary colours.”

Mother of Pearl Kyra Jeans with Pearl Ankle Cuff

These jeans are an ideal rental piece. You can easily wear them from day to night. I think they’re a real living item of clothing – they take on a life of their own.”

Photo: Phill Taylor

Photo: Phill Taylor